Preveza Airport

Preveza International Airport (PVK)

The Preveza National Airport, at Aktio, is located at a distance of 7 km from Preveza.

Useful information on the Preveza Airport (PVK)

Olympic Air and Air Berlin offer permanent flights to and from the Preveza Airport, while Austrian Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines UK, bmi, Monarch Airlines, transavia.com, Sky Work Airlines, Thomson Airways, Finnair, Viking Airlines, Jat Airways only offer seasonal flights.

There are 2 car rental offices at the Preveza Airport.

Preveza Airport (PVK) connections

Taxis can drive you to and from the airport. There are usually some waiting at the time of scheduled flight arrivals, but it is recommended to call a radio-taxi.

Every day flights from Athens. During the summer period, many charter flights from European cities. Also flights arriving at the Corfu Airport (direct connection to Athens and cities abroad).

Aktion Airport website www.pvk-airport.gr


In the alternative, one can also use the Egnatia highway and all road arteries from Preveza, Igoumenitsa and Ioannina by private car or coach (KTEL).

Website of Preveza Bus Station www.ktelprevezas.gr